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La Boqueria Emily Quince Paste with Orange 100g
La Boqueria

La Boqueria Emily Quince Paste with Orange 100g

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Perfect for accompanying any type of cheese (traditionally Manchego), creating inventive canapés or tasty salads, or simply eating as a delicious dessert.

Quince Paste - A Source of Health

Colesterol-free, perfect food for people with high cholesterol. Several studies confirm that the soluble fibre in quince paste helps to lower blood cholesterol levels.

Gluten-free, which makes it a healthy breakfast, dessert or snack for people with gluten intolerance. 

Fat-free, since it is made from fruit and sugar. Neither of these ingredients contains fat. Fruit provides natural fibre and minerals, whilst sugar gives us energy to survive the day and food for our brain. 

Rich in Natural Fibre, so it helps our body work properly. 

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