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APSC Hazelnut Oil 100ml
Pumpkin Seeds Australia

APSC Hazelnut Oil 100ml

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Our Hazelnut Oil is made by cold pressing 100% Australian grown hazelnuts. Our 300-year old artisan extraction method produces a strong nutty flavour and top nutritional qualities which you can enjoy over meals or as a body oil.

Great for breakfasts like muesli yoghurt and smoothies. Drizzle Hazelnut Oil over a fresh fruit salad add to rice, couscous or mashed potato. Adding a slightly sweet nutty flavour to all your salads, Hazelnut oil drizzled over beetroot, sweet potato or fresh apple can be an everyday treat. Add a tablespoon to chocolate desserts and hot milk drinks. Hazelnut oil is used to flavour sweets like cookies, cakes, pastries and candies, it really is a delicious kitchen component.

Our method of cold pressed oil is much better recognized for its fragile, sweet smelling, powerful and nutty taste. A chef’s regular, our hazelnut oil is utilized as a dressing in numerous exotic salads along with other cold dishes.

This particularly light golden colour oil is storehouse of essential nutrients that comes loaded with several health advantages. It is also recognized to do excellent miracles for skin.

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